Ceiling suspended air handling units

VENTUS S-type air handling unit is a ceiling suspended air handling unit equipped with high efficient motors (AC or EC) and high performance cooling coil.

  • Capacity – from 900 CFM to 5 600 CFM.
  • Placing: syspended unit.
Unit size
PLUG fans with EC and AC motors

VENTUS S-type has equipped in PLUG type fans with direct drive are used. The fan sets in the new SVS units are available with AC and EC motors. AC motors are manufactured as standard with class F winding insulation, which ensures  their trouble-free operation when supplied from VFDs. EC motors are PM (Permanent Magnet) motors, differ from classic asynchronous AC ones mainly by their higher energy performance, especially when running at wide range of revolutions. The EC motor requires a 0-10V or ModBus control signal.

Selection software
ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) is the authorial VTS selection software.

The software uses the latest technologies and programming platforms. The biggest advantage of this system is the fact that the it is available from anywhere in the world, all you need is a device with a web browser and access to the Internet.

The software includes modules for the optimal selection of units in terms of parametric and cost as well as innovative generators of Revit objects or 2D and 3D dwg files. Generators provide properly immediate availability of .rfa and .dwg files for any units configuration. The system also offers the ability to automatically generate a submittal file of selected units. Full parameters are available in .pdf, .html and .rfa files.

Typical application
Residential buildings & small businesses
Industrial buildings
Sports facilities
Retail, warehouses, garages and workshops

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Technical support
Selection software
ClimaCAD Online 4 (CCOL4)
VTS Service Customer Service Centre:
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