Poland Pavilion in Dubai EXPO 2020 equipped with VTS Group air handling units

VTS Group has delivered air handling units to the Poland Pavilion during the EXPO 2020 exhibition in Dubai. The main theme of the pavilion is "Creativity inspired by nature".

The air exchanger in the facility is handled by 5 modular VENTUS air handling units with a total capacity about 80 000 m³/h. The units are equipped with high efficiency rotary heat exchangers and energy saving direct driven fan sets, ensuring the best air quality inside the pavilion.

We are extremely excited and proud about this pavilion and it is indeed special to us as it is closely connected to VTS Group Polish roots. - comments Faizal Babu Pallathody, Managing Director at VTS MEA

The Poland Pavilion is a wooden structure, the characteristic part of pavilion is a kinetic sculpture, referring to  large-scale migration of birds from Poland to the Arab world. It reminds us about connections between our nation and the world as well as our role as a producer of various goods.

It is a honor and distinction for the entire VTS Group, to be part of this great initiative realized by the UAE to bring the whole world together, under one roof and create a better future. In total, VTS Group units are installed in 25 Pavilions and operational buildings of EXPO 2020 thus marking its presence throughout this event. - adds Faizal Babu Pallathody, Managing Director at VTS MEA. 

EXPO World Fairs are among the most prestigious events that promote the cultural, scientific and technical achievements of countries and nations of the world. The motto of this year's exhibition is: "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

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