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Modular Air Handling Units

VENTUS - Modular air handling units
VENTUS - Modular air handling units

The VENTUS VVS modular air handling units are units with, wide and universal applications, characterised by the possibility of individual configuration tailored to the needs and preferences of the customer.

The units are selected using the ClimaCAD OnLine software, certified by Eurovent.

  • Capacity: from 1100 m3/h to 100,000 m3/h
  • Energy recovery: up to 92% recovery efficiency
  • Placing: floor-mounted units

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VENTUS - ISO 9001 14001
Unit size


The VENTUS VVS modular air handling units are made of polyurethane panels covered with Aluzinc coated sheet metal (AZ 150) mounted on an internal skeleton made of metal profiles.

The VENTUS VVS units have an extensive sealing system, among others, sealing fins ensuring labyrinth sealing, a thermal insert that allows to break the thermal bridge, as well as a roofing system.

Casing lining - Aluzinc coated sheet (AZ150)
Rigid, durable casing structure.
Low thermal and UV radiation absorption.
High resistance to weather conditions.
Ergonomic closing system.
Aesthetic, comfortable and ergonomic handles, ensuring tightness of the closure of the inspection panel
Fan section cage
Increased longitudinal stiffness of the structure.
Steel frame
High profile resistance to deformation.
Aluminium structural posts with an additional sealing fin and a thermal break
Casing with broken thermal bridges as standard - ensures no condensation on the unit components.

The fin at the perimeter of the inspection panel provides labyrinth sealing - currently the most effective solution on the market, mainly used in laboratory equipment.

The solution consisting in the use of a symmetrical channel cut filled with sealant, which ensures 100% tightness at the connection of the post with the casing structure.

Energy efficiency

The VENTUS VVS modular air handling units meet the highest energy-efficiency requirements.

The devices can be equipped with various heat recovery options:

  • rotary heat wheel,
  • counter-flow hexagonal recuperator,
  • cross-flow plate heat recuperator
  • glycol system.

The maximum recovery efficiency reaches 92%. 

Units with a capacity of up to 3000 m3/h are equipped with energy-saving EC motors as standard.

All units are available with multi-functional controls that performs advanced energy-saving functions based on measurements of air quality parameters.

Energy recovery
Depending on the configuration, energy recovery can be achieved by:
- high-efficiency rotary heat exchanger with EC motor.
- high-efficiency cross and hexagonal recuperators.
- glycol system.
EC motor
Energy-efficient IE4 EC motors are available in units with a capacity of up to 3000 m3/h.


Controls in the VENTUS VVS air handling units regulates all utility parameters and functions of energy optimisation based on the measurement of air quality parameters.

Visualisation or a remote HMI Advance desktop, which enables remote control of the unit, are available as standard.

Visualization on control panel
VTS Factory visualisation enables monitoring as well as remote control of the unit operation.
Controls in VENTUS VVS units is based on the uPC3 controller.


The proper functioning of the air handling unit depends on the effectiveness of the applied filtration.

Specialists recommend changing filters 2 to 4 times a year. Original, high-quality filters for VENTUS AHUs are available in the VTS online store.

You can easily choose filters for your AHU. Use the search engine, entering the VTS AHU number to order the correct set of filters.


The system of guides allows for a simple and quick replacement of filters.
In VENTUS air handling units, we use panel filters (G4) as preliminary filters and pocket filters (M5, F7 and F9) as the last stage of filtration. Filters in a galvanized steel frame.
Selection software
ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) - a software for selecting air handling and conditioning units certified by Eurovent.
VENTUS - VENTUS, Modular air handling units, Selection software

ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) is a proprietary VTS device selection software. The software uses the latest technologies and programming platforms. The system is available from anywhere in the world, any device with a web browser and access to the Internet is sufficient.

The software includes both modules for optimal device selection in terms of parameters and costs as well as innovative generators of Revit objects or 2D and 3D dwg files. The generators ensure immediate availability of .rfa and .dwg files for any device configuration. The system offers the ability to automatically generate descriptive and parametric technical specifications of selected devices. Full device parameters are available in .pdf, .html as well as .rfa files.

Unlimited number of configurations
Friendly user interface
Easy and simple selection
Integration with CRM, ERP, WMA systems
Files to download

Check and download the files related to the product.


Check the facilities that use our solutions.

Additional information

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the specification of the individual models that we offer. These are reliable modular air handling units that work well in many applications.

They are used among others:

  • in office buildings,
  • in shopping malls
  • in logistic centers
  • in hospitals
  • in schools
  • in car dealerships
  • in industrial facilities,
  • in halls,
  • in warehouses,
  • in rooms where various types of technological processes are carried out,
  • in swimming pools.

These are devices for special applications as well as for more traditional ones, which are characterized by precisely selected parameters and ensure excellent performance - depending on specific needs.


VENTUS VVS are devices with a wide and universal application, characterized by the possibility of individual configuration tailored to the needs and preferences of the customer. VENTUS VVS modular ventilation and air-conditioning units are made of polyurethane panels covered with Aluzinc sheet (AZ 150) mounted on an internal skeleton made of metal profiles. The capacity of these modular air handling units is available from 1 100 m3/h to 100 000 m3/h.


The casing of the VENTUS PRO - PVS AHUs is made of a steel or aluminum frame, to which "sandwich" panels made of rock wool, covered with a metal sheet on both sides, are attached. Air Handling Units are available in 71 sizes covering a flow range from 1 000 – 125 000 m³/h. A wide range of options and accessories are available. The units are manufactured in modular sections, fully assembled or dismantled for on-site assembly.

A wide range of options and additional accessories are also available. These are modular air handling units that are easy to use and install. They are equipped with high-quality filters that ensure excellent air quality. They can be used in many places, including those with specific ventilation needs. 

We offer air handling units of various construction and parameters. If you don't know which one is best for a specific application? Contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right device. On our website you will also find the technical specifications of each of the units. They are available online and for download. Each of the models is available in several variants, so we are sure that they will meet your expectations.

Our offer includes a wide selection of air handling units for various types of buildings and rooms. You can buy from us devices that are necessary to run an efficient and energy-saving:

  • ventilation in the cinema
  • ventilation in the warehouse
  • school ventilation,
  • ventilation in the hotel,
  • ventilation in industrial plants
  • hospital ventilation
  • office ventilation
  • ventilation in the pool.

We are perfectly aware that each facility requires the selection of the appropriate system ventilation. That is why our range is wide and meets the needs of various industries and building types. Check our offer and see which of the products best suits your needs. If you need substantive support, we are at your disposal. We will be happy to answer any question.

Check our offer and learn about the available solutions. We have prepared a wide selection of proposals, which are designed for different industries and different types of facilities.

The range will requirements of commercial and industrial buildings where efficient and energy-saving ventilation is required. There are several types of devices to choose from, including:

Each of them is perfect for specific applications. If in doubt, check the technical specification - you can download it from the website. You can also contact our advisors and ask them a question. We will be happy to provide you with any information.

We also supply ventilation systems for special applications, eg.: swimming pool facilities, where the most important task of the devices is to ensure proper removal of moisture from the building. It is also hospitals and other facilities where hygiene must be top notch. Ventilation units are suitable for clean rooms equipped with advanced filters and with the possibility of washing and disinfecting their components. Our range is very wide - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available devices.

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ClimaCAD Online 4 (CCOL4)
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