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Luftschleier für Industrie

WING PRO - Luftschleier für Industrie
WING PRO - Luftschleier für Industrie

Der Luftschleier für Industrie WING PRO bietet einen wirksamen Schutz gegen Wärmeverluste beim Öffnen des Tores in Bereichen wie Logistikzentren, Fabriken oder Busdepots.

Mit seiner hohen Heizleistung, dem breiten und kräftigen Luftstrom in Kombination mit einem energieeffizienten EC-Motor setzt der WING PRO einen neuen Standard auf dem Luftschleiermarkt.

WING PRO - Luftschleier für Industrie

Wärmetauscher-Typ Zweireihiger Wassertauscher Einreihiger WassertauscherKaltluftschleier (ohne Tauscher)
Heizleistungsbereich 17 - 88 kW 9 - 48 kW -
Max. Luftleistung 7.300 - 10.700 m3/h 7.900 - 11.900 m3/h 8.500 - 12.800 m3/h
Max. Luftreichweite 7 m 7,5 m 8 m

Verfügbare Größen

WING PRO - Luftschleier für Industrie 1 WING PRO - Luftschleier für Industrie 2


Der Luftschleier mit EC-Motor verbraucht bis zu 40% weniger Strom und ermöglicht den direkten Anschluss an die Gebäudeleittechnik.

Der elektronisch kommutierte EC-Motor ermöglicht eine sanfte Drehzahlregelung und verbraucht deutlich weniger Strom.


Mit einem breiten Luftstrahl, einer Reichweite von bis zu 8 Metern und einer Heizleistung von bis zu 88 kW wird eine wirksame Barriere gegen Temperaturverluste aufgebaut.

Wasserversionen mit einreihigem und zweireihigem Wassertauscher erhältlich
Zwei Reihen von zueinander gerichteten Auslässen erzeugen einen breiten und starken Luftstrom


Der Luftschleier WING PRO kann sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal installiert werden. Die Konstruktion ermöglicht es auch, die Luftschleier zu Modulen zu kombinieren.

Tore bis zu 16 m.
Durch die gegenüberliegende Position der Luftschleier können sogar Tore mit einer Breite von 16 m geschützt werden.


Die Luftschleier WING PRO können sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal montiert werden.

WING PRO - Montage  3

WING PRO - Montage 4

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Additional information

We offer air curtains for swing gates designed for industrial applications.

Such units give effective protection against heat loss when the gate is opened in places such as logistics centers, factories or bus depots. The solutions in our range are designed for gates as tall as 8 meters.

The industrial air curtains available from us are all about high efficiency, a wide and powerful air stream, and an energy-efficient EC motor. This makes WING PRO a new standard in the market of air curtains used in industrial facilities.

Why should you opt for them? The air curtains we offer feature:

  • wide airflow,
  • range of up to 8 meters,
  • heating power up to 88 kW,
  • EC motor that uses up to 40% less electricity,
  • possibility of direct BMS connection.

Industrial air curtains are units that are mounted above the entrance door. They are most often used in facilities that are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. Thanks to this method of installation, air streams from outside and inside do not mix when opening the door or front gate. This allows you to maintain the right thermal conditions in the premises, thereby saving the energy needed to heat them.

The air curtain above the door draws in air which then in the form of a high velocity air stream creates an air barrier which can additionally be heated depending on the needs and conditions outside.

Air curtains for swing gates protect the building from losing the desired temperature. In rooms where frequent opening of gates is necessary, they allow to maintain thermal conditions independent of those outside.

Another important advantage of industrial air curtains is to become a protective barrier against:

  • drafts,
  • fumes,
  • insects,
  • pollution,
  • dust,
  • odors from outside.

As a result, WING PRO industrial air curtains increase the comfort of premises and protect against unwanted substances. At the same time, they allow to reduce the cost of operating the facility.

An air curtain over a door or gate provides optimal conditions inside, which also contributes to the well-being of personnel and to their productivity.

The industrial air curtains you will find in our range can be mounted horizontally directly above the gate or vertically on one or both sides of the gate.

The possible locations for these units include:

  • industrial floors,
  • warehouses,
  • workshops,
  • cold stores,
  • bakeries,
  • hospitals.

The air curtains are very efficient and powerful, so they work well even where the needs are really high. They are an ideal solution in places where the front door is often opened, resulting in cooling or heating of the interior.

Industrial air curtains can be used for various types of entry gates - lifting, swinging, rolling and folding. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can easily match them to your specific needs. The maximum height of the opening that the WING PRO can handle is 8 m.

A very important advantage is that the air curtain does not have to be on all the time. An automatic switch activates it when the gate is opened. This can further reduce electricity consumption. These units are highly resistant to atmospheric conditions, including high and low temperatures.

There are numerous advantages to investing in an industrial air curtain. Check out why you should opt for it.

Lower building operating costs

An air curtain in the door of an industrial plant, floor or warehouse is primarily an opportunity to minimize heat loss. Heating or air conditioning can then operate at a lower power to achieve the desired temperature. Industrial air curtains are ideal especially where, due to the nature of work, the gate must be opened frequently. Failure to provide such a barrier would result in very rapid cooling or heating of the interior. The price of an industrial air curtain is so attractive that such an investment will quickly pay for itself. The ability to reduce the expense of using the heating or cooling system measurably reduces the cost of operating the facility.

Protection against contamination

Another important function of door air curtains is protection from contamination. They act as a barrier against dust, smog, moisture and other undesirable substances that can penetrate. They also block the possibility of insects getting in. This is especially important in places such as food warehouses, bakeries and restaurants. It is worth using industrial air curtains in places where there is high air pollution. These are, for example, busy transshipment hubs or broad industrial areas. The unit very effectively separates the interior from external conditions, protecting it and keeping it clean.

Compatibility with cold store environments

Cold stores are rooms with special needs. They need very precise temperature management. Due to the large indoor-outdoor temperature differences it is particularly recommended to install industrial air curtains. Their function is primarily to reduce energy loss when the door is opened. In this way, you can save the expense of maintaining an optimal room temperature. You can also take care of the ideal quality of goods that are refrigerated or frozen.

If you are looking for high-end industrial air curtains, check our range. We provide a large selection of units with different parameters and service care. We also provide substantive advice when selecting your unit. Any questions? We are at your service. Contact us.

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