VENTUS Compact - floor-mounted

Compact air handling units

VENTUS Compact floor-mounted air handling units are energy-saving units equipped with a rotary heat wheel, EC motors in the fan wall system, Mini-Pleat filters and integrated controls (Plug&Play).

  • Capacity: from 840 m3/h to 16,500 m3/h
  • Energy recovery: up to 86% recovery efficiency
  • Foundation: floor-mounted units
ISO 9001 14001
Comparison of VVS and COMPACT units
Below we present an infographic which illustrates the most important differences between compact and modular units.
In this example, we used devices with the same performance and one of the most typical functional configurations on the market:
heat recovery, heating, cooling, filtration.

The compact units in the floor-mounted version are intended for installation in technical rooms as well as outside the building.

The units are made of mineral wool insulation panels covered with Aluzinc sheet (AZ 150). The panels are attached to a steel supporting structure that ensures the rigidity of the entire unit.

The units are equipped with:

  • rotary heat wheel
  • EC motors
  • MINI - PLEAT filters
  • multifunctional controls

The units are configured and ready for operation immediately after connecting (Plug&Play).

Panels filled with mineral wool, enclosed with steel sheet on both sides.
Casing parameters according to EN 1886: T2, TB3, L1, D1, F9.
AZ 150 Aluzinc corrosion protection.
Energy efficiency

The compact units in the floor-mounted version are equipped with rotary heat wheel, ensuring heat recovery efficiency of 86%.

The multi-fan assembly of the fan wall type ensures minimal energy consumption and optimal device operating parameters.

Energy recovery
The floor mounted units use high-efficiency rotary heat wheel (rotary regenerators) with a drive based on EC motors. The regenerator ensures heat and cold recovery along with moisture transfer. Recovery efficiency up to 86%.

In systems with humidification, the rotary regenerator reduces humidification costs. The automation system, by measuring the parameters of air flowing through the exchanger and smooth regulation of the rotor speed, as well as managing air flows, prevents freezing of the rotary exchanger in winter and optimises the efficiency of energy recovery.

The drive of the rotary exchanger is based on EC motors, whose efficiency is practically constant, i.e. independent of the motor speed. In most applications, the rotary regenerator does not require drainage of condensate from the unit, which in some outdoor installations is an additional advantage.
EC motors
Efficient, quiet fan with low vibration levels, with class IE4 EC motor.
Fan wall
The VENTUS compact floor mounted units feature a fan wall solution that provides:
- even flow in the fan chamber
- better adjustment to the maximum efficiency of the fan, which affects the optimisation of energy consumption.

The compact air handling units in the floor-mounted version are equipped with multifunctional controls integrated with the unit (Plug&Play).

Controls enables remote control of the unit operation through the factory VTS visualisation or the remote HMI Advance desktop.

The integrated controls in combination with the factory wiring means that VENTUS Compact units are offered in the Plug&Play standard.

Visualisation of the unit operation
VTS factory visualisation enables monitoring as well as control of the unit operation.
Multifunctional controls integrated into the unit casing - configured and ready to work.
Controls in VENTUS Compact units is based on the uPC3 controller.
Factory setting of parameters
The factory settings of the unit parameters in the delivered units are consistent with the parameters in the unit selection technical data sheet.
Unit size
Selection software
ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) - a software for selecting air handling and conditioning units
certified by Eurovent.

ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) is a proprietary VTS device selection software. The software uses the latest technologies and programming platforms. The system is available from anywhere in the world, any device with a web browser and access to the Internet is sufficient.

The software includes both modules for optimal device selection in terms of parameters and costs as well as innovative generators of Revit objects or 2D and 3D dwg files. The generators ensure immediate availability of .rfa and .dwg files for any device configuration. The system offers the ability to automatically generate descriptive and parametric technical specifications of selected devices. Full device parameters are available in .pdf, .html as well as .rfa files.

Unlimited number of configurations
Friendly user interface
Easy and simple selection
Integration with CRM, ERP, WMA systems
Technical support
Selection software
ClimaCAD Online 4 (CCOL4)
VTS Service Customer Service Centre:
801 080 073


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