Who Benefits by Choosing EC Driven Devices?

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High efficiency of EC motors translates directly to lowering operational costs, thus making the user the biggest beneficiary of actual savings.

We have prepared a number of financial simulations. And the example of one of them proves that when using VOLCANO heater the difference in price between a device driven with a previous generation motor and the new VOLCANO EC heater recoups after a year of operation. Subsequent years simply generate net profit.

Generally, EC motors are more effective when working on second gear and are able to consume even 40% less of electric energy. Not only does the user benefit from changing VTS devices standard. The possibility of connecting 8 devices to one VOLCANO EC or WING EC controller reduces also investment costs. Savings are increasing with the rise in number of heaters and air curtains. The investor uses one conveniently located controller to manage up to 8 units. There are also benefits that are not so clear at a first glance, but are mainly profitable for the installation technician. To control an EC motor a low voltage signal of 0.10 V is required. Installation that delivers the signal to the device demands for smaller diameter cabling.

These are small things that aggregate globally into considerable savings. Non-financial factors that make the choice of EC motor device worth consideration are, above all, convenience that comes from silent operation of a device — fluent control of rotational speed makes it possible to customize the device for own purposes. Additionally, the Client is safe and sound — VTS devices, manufactured with care for natural environment, are covered with a 5-year warranty. 

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