VTS Group products in a new realization for Pharm'Est in Metz!


Pharm'Est, specializing in pharmaceutical distribution, needed modern solutions for its warehouse to ensure proper temperature and air quality. Our French dealer, France Clim, provided comprehensive solutions for the project that met all the client's requirements.

Used technical solutions:

- NRG Heat Pumps: Two NRG heat pumps using R32 refrigerant, known for their optimal energy efficiency. They are used to cool or heat the water supply to the heaters.

- Double Flux Ventus Compact Air Handling Units: Provide the fresh air supply needed to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the warehouse, with precise temperature control.

- VRF MVAS: Uses a direct evaporation battery in the air handling unit to ensure that the supply air temperature matches the indoor temperature, optimizing energy efficiency and comfort.

- Heaters: Key to circulating, heating and cooling the air in the warehouse. They operate in heating and cooling modes, maintained by thermostats for stable and optimal temperatures.

We are very pleased with the results of the project and thank everyone involved for their hard work and dedication.Sincere thanks to MEQUIS, who made this collaboration possible.


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