3 Exciting Days Full of Unforgettable Experiences


Dear Sirs,

We are delighted to share with you a summary of our recent event – a tour of the VTS Group production and logistics center, during which our clients and business partners had a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of our modern factory in Poland. We trust that the time spent on February 27-29 was full of valuable insights and positive emotions for our guests.

🏭 Production Process:
Our guests had the opportunity to see how VTS Group ventilation and air handling units are manufactured. Touring our factory, they observed the work of a team of specialists who create each unit with care and precision – from the stage of individual components to finished devices.

💨 Full VTS Group Offer:

During the event, clients had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our company's full product range:

- VENTUS Compact air handling units (suspended, floor mounted, with heat pump and TOP)

- VENTUS VVS air handling units

- VENTUS PRO air handling units

- VOLCANO unit heaters

- WING air curtains

💬 Exchange of Experiences:
One of the most interesting points of the program for the participants was the opportunity to network with professionals from the industry like themselves. Networking with other clients, sharing experiences and leading substantive discussions on the latest trends and developments in the HVAC industry made this event truly unforgettable.

We would like to thank all our guests for taking part in this extraordinary event. We are grateful for your presence and interest in VTS Group products. Special thanks to the VTS Poland Team - Great Job!👍👏 💪


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