VENTUS Compact - excellence in simplicity


The new product line of VENTUS COMPACT air handling units launched in 2018 enjoys the ever-growing interest from designers and the appreciation of users.

The recently introduced change in casing insulation from polyurethane foam to mineral wool additionally contributes to the already numerous advantages of this product. Among the benefits of the new insulation are significant reduction in noise levels generated through the unit's casing and fire performance increased to the highest of the classified values. 

Let us remind you that the guiding idea when designing compact air handling units was to deliver a complete, highly efficient device with high configuration flexibility, smallest possible footprint, coming with power supply and control systems in standard, and all this at a competitive price. 

In line with the principle of excellence in simplicity, the new units are characterized by: simplicity of selection, design, installation and control - 4S.


Our VENTUS Compact air handling units feature an casing made of sandwich panels attached to the internal supporting structure. The sandwich panels, made of mineral wool (stone wool), are covered with sheet metal on both sides. The idea behind using mineral wool is to ensure greater comfort for our customers by: 

  • using the highest-class A1 insulation material on a seven-stage fire performance scale, 
  • using material with excellent sound attenuation parameters - (you may call it an acoustic plate) - to ensure even quieter operation. 

It is also important to note that the properties of the casing have been tested by Eurovent. Both the suspended (VENTUS Compact VVS005s - VVS030s MW) and floor mounted (VENTUS Compact VVS021c - VVS150c MW) units have been certified by Eurovent. The results of the certification for the individual AHUs are available on the Eurovent website under link .

Fan wall

VENTUS Compact AHUs use fan units with EC motors placed on a common frame fixed to the fan diaphragm. The number of fan units depends on the operating parameters of the air handling unit and is selected so as to ensure maximum efficiency of the fan section.

The motors run in a fan wall system, guaranteeing:

  • even air distribution in the AHU cross-section,
  • selection of AHU parameters at optimal efficiency of the fans,
  • possibility of fan redundancy

Floor mounted VENTUS Compact air handling units from VTS are the perfect solution for limited spaces in technical rooms. While maintaining the same functions, these units can be up to half as short as standard modular units. It is also worth noting that VENTUS Compact units can come in indoor and outdoor variants, and the maximum length of the base section in a floor mounted compact unit is only 1300 mm.


VTS supplies control system with a factory-implemented application for remote monitoring and management of the operating parameters of the units in real time via a web browser on any mobile device.


  • Remote monitoring and management of units parameters.
  • Easy and intuitive change of the devices operating mode.
  • Quick setup up of the optimal units operating schedule.
  • Visualisations of any devices parameters - current and stored data.
  • Reading of consumed and saved energy.
  • Accessed to PC, mobile device, web browser.

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