The same WING curtain with a perfected structure.

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Constant development as a key to success.

Constant development is one of the factors which allows the VTS company to be always one step ahead of the competition, in every corner of the world. When in May 2016 the company demonstrated the WING curtain to the world, there were endless positive comments. The unique appearance of the device combined with functionality was a bull’s eye. VTS did not rest on its laurels at that time. Listening to remarks and suggestions from the market, in IIIQ of 2018 engineers of the company faced a task aimed at perfecting the WING curtain.

A number of talks and meetings, preceded by market opinion research, allowed to prepare assumptions of the project. The WING curtain has undergone a number of technical tests in VTS's Reaserch & Development Centre, as a result of which improvement works were planned. Some internal elements of the curtain were revised and external appearance remained unchanged in line with the assumptions.

The major point of the project was a change in shape of the fan chamber (Fig. 1.). By re-designing the existing and adding new elements, the change contributed to a considerable improvement of the device working culture, including, to reduction of the noise level.

Apart from the fan chamber, other small elements of the curtain were modified such as particular sizes of openings in the internal metal sheet or shifting (for construction reasons) of openings of the curtain internal structure. The changes, apparently slight, had a considerable influence on the work of the curtain. While looking at the entire project from a broader perspective, these modifications also show how significant pursuit of perfection and improvement of details in the offered devices are for VTS. By means of the WING project, VTS proves how important development is to it. The foregoing changes were introduced on 24 May 2019 and will certainly contribute to increased sales on all markets.

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