New line of EC motors in VOLCANO heaters. We reduce to achieve more.

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VTS company has commenced introducing modifications in EC motors from the smallest heater in the portfolio - VR MINI. The implemented changes were positively accepted by the market. Now, it is time for the other devices from VOLCANO series.

Below we remind you what features and benefits arising out of them were introduced along with the new motors: > The motor generates a signal +10 V DC – a user can activate the heater without a controller. Fig. 1a, 1b present comparative connection of the heater with the previous and the new motor.

The motor protection rating: IP 54. Pursuant to standard PN-EN 60529:2003, the first characteristic digit 5 means that the electric device casing ensures protection against dust penetration in amounts disturbing proper work of the equipment, whereas the second digit 4 means that the casing ensures protection against water splashes from all sides of the casing. Thanks to this, the VOLCANO device may be used in rooms with more demanding conditions e.g. in washes.

As a standard, the motor is equipped with a routed cable with the described clamps. This makes a connection of the motor itself even simpler and intuitive. An installer does not have to unscrew the motor casing any more, and its factory-set protection rating is maintained at the same time. An installer user the cable (Fig. 2) provided by VTS which minimizes the risk of erroneous connection.

The last change, but equally significant, which translates into benefits comes down to reduction of the motor size, with maintenance of all elements of its predecessor (Fig. 3). 95 mm of gain in space behind the heater with regard to VR MINI, VR-D MINI devices; and 75 mm of gain with regard to the other larger devices, enable even greater availability of air, which guarantees undisturbed suction of air by the fan. It must also be noticed that thanks to the smaller size of the motor, its weight is also less and this makes assembly and installation easier. Optimization of carton boxes into which VOLCANO devices are packed is a consequence of smaller sizes. Thanks to this, one europallet can contain up to 12 VR MINI and VR-D MINI devices, and not as it was 8 (Fig. 4.) With regard to VOLCANO VR 1, 2, 3, -D, it is 6 instead of previous 5 devices.

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