New HMI Wifi controller


A symbol of our times: New HMI Wifi controller operates VOLCANO unit heaters and WING air curtains with your mobile.

The twenty-first century brings us the rapid development of wireless communications. We live in times when we can easily connect with another person or device at any time and from practically any place in the world. Although different connection bands are available, new, faster, and more reliable solutions emerge, such as the rapidly developing 5G networks. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays when building a residential, commercial, or an industrial facility we equip it with intelligent systems allowing for remote management of the equipment such as automatic gates, lighting, or heating systems.

VTS meets the expectations  

In the second half of 2021, VTS is pleased to present a new management solution for the well-known units VOLCANO air heaters and WING air curtains equipped with energy-efficient EC motors. Dedicated controllers will now also be available in a new version equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which will allow for an easy insight into the operation of the devices and a convenient change of the operation settings remotely.


Cooperation with mobile application 

The Wi-Fi HMI controller can be easily connected with a mobile application which will allow the management of VTS devices from any smartphone with Android or IOS system. An app called Tuya Smart which is fully compatible with the HMI Wi-Fi controllers is available for free on the AppStore and Play Store platforms. The application requires access to the local network in which the controller operates only during the first configuration, which means that after complete configuration we can manage the operation of the devices from anywhere where we have internet access. The application allows to remotely change all functions available in HMI WING and HMI VOLCANO controllers. With Tuya Smart, we can change, among others, the target temperature, fan speed, switch from heating to ventilation mode, or program the operation calendar.

What are the advantages of the remote control?  

Remote control means that VOLCANO EC and WING EC units are available for us at any time and from any place. 

We all know the situations when, after leaving the house, we start to wonder whether we were sure to switch the iron off. In this case, the situation may be very similar, e.g. when we close our workshop for the time of our holidays and after leaving we start wondering whether we didn't leave the heating on full power instead of setting the device to the mode of gentle heating or simply turning it off. In such situations, it is useful to have remote access to the equipment so that we can quickly check what is happening in our workshop, what is the temperature and how the heating system is working. 

Watch the video tutorials about the new controller:

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