Are you fighting a battle against moisture in greenhouse? We have a solution!


Do you struggle with high humidity in your greenhouse? We have a heating solution that will help you out!

Moisture in greenhouses is the cause of many problems and generates high costs of greenhouse growing management. Most greenhouses need to be ventilated. Due to this fact they lose hot air which generates additional heating costs. Moisture is the cause of seedling and plant diseases, including mould and fungal diseases. They reduce the number of crops and, as a result, decrease growing profitability. 

How to effectively control moisture in greenhouse and reduce the cost of greenhouse heating to 40%?

VOLCANO heater with energy-saving EC motor is your solution. The fan heater not only produces and distributes the heat throughout the room but also generates air movement. Due to it you will forget about excessive moisture.

Greenhouse heating can be combined with the effective forced air movement. Circulation is recommended. We create it by installing two rows of heaters and pointing the air injection to opposite directions, forcing air circulation.

Find out more about VOLCANO here.

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