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Ventus N-type - a new product on Russian market

The decision to launch Ventus N-TYPE was made as a results of the reports from Russian market.It should be stressed that in the recent time this has been the second implementation of that kind. The first one was Ventus S-TYPE, which was designed for Asian markets. Both products are designed for specific segments and at the same type complement the development and optimization plan of the main Ventus series.

Ventus N-TYPE specification.
Ventus N-TYPE belongs to the segment of duct air handling units offering products in 4 sizes with the capacity range from ca. 2000 CMH to 8500 CMH. The product offers essential air treatment functions, grouped in individual sections. As a result the selection of functions is flexible and meets the customers’ demands.

Sales structure training
On April 25 a training course in Borodino Hotel in Moscow was held during which the details of the new product- Ventus N-Type were presented to the Russian sales structure.
43 people participated in the meeting. Apart from the numerous representatives from Russia, the VTS Group board was represented by: CEO Hanna Siek-Zagórska, CSMO Jarosław Filipowicz and COO Paweł Nowak.The training was divided into two parts. The first- business part was dedicated to discussion about the segment of duct air handling units in Russia and its potential.
During the second part,participants learned about technical aspects, product selection and service. The demonstration of Ventus N-TYPE was an integral part of the meeting.


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