About VTS



VTS's air handling units at First International Financial Centre in India.

Situated at the prime location on the main Bandra-Kurla Linking Road, FIFC is a G + 13 levels structure with total BUA of 6,57,000 and 550 car parks spread across 2 levels of basement. It offers a functional design with emphasis on efficient layout, well provisioned services and a healthy and safe work environment.

Mr. Larry Fagala, engineering representative for the project says, "Arguably, FIFC equals or surpasses many international caliber buildings by focusing on critical performance-driven features that impact the end users. This includes a priority on indoor air quality by the use of electrostatic air filters and ultraviolet lamps; features such as stainless steel cooling towers and basin spray jets to optimize the maintenance of the building cooling systems; and a column-free workspace with a lease depth of 13.5 meters that minimizes requirements for artificial lighting. To date, these highly-specific features make this building one-of-a-kind in India."

We are proud that VTS can prove once again its high position as a leading manufacturer in the air conditioning and ventilation trade.

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