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VTS has been awarded the World Company 2013 title

The editorial office of “European company”, the Magazine for Entrepreneurs, has published its list of companies successful in carrying out the sales to at least several foreign countries. VTS has been included among them and awarded the World Company 2013 title.  

The aim of the World Company programme is promotion of the export and expansion of the Polish companies in the foreign markets. The first and already completed stage of the programme consisted in preparing the World Company 2013 Ranking – based on data obtained from the InfoCredit Information Agency. The Ranking is available at: http://businessnow.pl/1675,swiatowe-firmy-2013.html.

The second stage consists in promotion of the World Companies to make them the source of inspiration for the other Polish companies. The World Companies 2013 will be identified and highlighted in the business press and during the Polish Economic Congress organized in Warsaw on 21 November 2013.

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