VOLCANO Water heater

VOLCANO water heaters meet the requirements of the most demanding customers

VTS Euroheat
  • Low noise
  • Failure-free
  • High efficiency

VOLCANO heaters form an integral part of modern heating systems. Used in buildings of medium and large capacity, they eliminate the problem of underheating and the negative influence of atmospheric conditions onto the inside of the building.

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In this durable and robust VOLCANO mini heater an innovative design is merged with very good technical parameters.

  • Innovative casing
  • Ultralight 9.8 kg
  • Durability

Due to its unique polypropylene casing, this compact 3-20 kW heater ensures safe use and resistance to any mechanical damage.

Lifetime casing warranty as standard.

Available in package with three panels highlighting its unparalleled design.

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Wide application range
of VOLCANO heaters

  • Production rooms
  • Storehouses
  • Workshops
  • Sport facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses

High performance



  • power 10-30 kW
  • single-row heat exchanger


  • power 30-60 kW
  • double-row heat exchanger


  • 3-20 kW power
  • double row exchanger
  • weight - 9.8 kg
  • maximum air discharge - 2000 m3/h

Quality, that pays back!

Lifetime warranty
  • 5 year warranty - a new unit offered within the warranty period!
  • Lifetime warranty on the casing of VTS EUROHEAT products.
  • Reliable European quality and attractive price.
  • High performance of the fan assembly.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Full range of parameter adjustment.
  • Fast and easy installation in both vertical or horizontal position.
  • Low noise and low device weight.
  • Plastic housing resistant to corrosion and very high temperature.

control and comfort within your reach

  • Intelligent system of BMS control - new dimension of comfort in control of the heat in a building
  • Interaction with 8 ARWE3.0 rotational speed controllers - operation of even eight Volcano heaters
  • Intuitive scheduling of the calendar in 5+1+1 arrangement (working days and the weekend separately)
  • Auto/Manual operation in the heating and cooling modes.
  • In summer, ventilation of building due to the cooling function.

Lifetime warranty
on the casing of VTS Euroheat products

Lifetime warranty

VOLCANO VR1, VR2, mini

Intuitive and easy selection application
Our suport, your optimal solution.

  • Find out how easy and simple could be equipment selection thanks to user-friendly interface.
  • Use it 24/7 on-line
  • Practical tool always close at hand.
Selection application

Optimal heat

Destratificator Volcano VR-D NEW
  • Destratificator VOLCANO VR-D allows quickly reach heat comfort by supporting heating system with effective heat distribution.
  • Decrease costs of heating by lowering temperature in ceiling area.
  • Limitates roof heat looses.
  • Best market prize
  • Exellence cooperation with
    VOLCANO VR1, VR2 i mini
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