VENTUS N-type Air Handling Unit

VENTUS N-type series duct air handling units offer flexible equipment configuration.

Duct-mounted VENTUS N-type line is dedicated for easy installation directly in the ducts. Perfectly suited for buildings, where no mechanical rooms for ventilation devices are present. System equipped with highly efficient energy recovery block based on horizontal cross-flow plate energy recovery.

  • Immediate availability.
  • Attractive price.
  • Multiple functions available.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Compact sizes.
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Quality guarantee

VENTUS N-type AHUs are designed for
reliable operation in the most demanding

  • Proven technical solutions.
  • European quality - 3 year warranty.
  • High performance, no-maintenance direct drive PLUG fans.
  • Rigid and durable casing offered as a standard feature due to the use of advanced Monocoque technology.
  • Monocoque casing desing – even more advanced than frameless solutions used in standard VENTUS Air Handling Units.
3 years warranty

ECO - cost-saving and environment friendly product

  • Cross-flow heat recuperator - energy recovery system.
  • Cutting edge fan design – airfoil blades with unique trailing edge shape.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Installation space savings - compact sizes.
  • Lower installation costs - low device weight.

Fans used in our AHUs meet the requirements of ERP 2015 Directive!

Advanced Мonocoque technology

Rigid and durable casing offered as a STANDARD feature

Ensures excellent mechanical properties of the AHUs
throughout their entire life-cycle which has been confirmed by a EN 1886 conformity certificate.

Monocoque technology known from Formula 1 racing and aviation industry ensures excellent mechanical parameters.

Casing classes
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