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Duct-mounted air handling units

VENTUS N-TYPE - Duct-mounted air handling units
VENTUS N-TYPE - Duct-mounted air handling units

VENTUS N-type is a a ceiling suspended air handling unit perfectly suited for buildings, where no mechanical rooms for ventilation devices are present. System can be equipped with highly efficient energy recovery block based on horizontal cross-flow plate energy recovery.

Each function VENTUS N-type is provided by a separate section, which enables the customer to freely configure the sequence of sections.

  • Capacity – from 700 m3/h to 8500 m3/h.
  • Energy efficiency: up to 65%  recovery efficiency.
  • Placing: suspended unit.

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Unit size


VENTUS N-type ensure rigid and durable casing offered as a standard. The casing is designed in accordance with requirements of standard EN 1886.  

The casing is ensures excellent mechanical properties of the AHUs throughout their entire life-cycle.

Energy efficiency

VENTUS N-type is equipped with cross-flow heat recuperator, which ensure up to 65% energy efficiency.

Additionally units are equipped with high performance direct drive PLUG fans based on IE2 motors.

Cross-flow heat recuperator
It ensures heat exchange between outdoor and exhaust air flow. In winter - heating of outdoor air through exhaust air Energy. In summer - cooling outdoor air through exhaust in case exhaust air temperature is below outdoor air temperature.


VENTUS N-type is offered along with the professional control system. 

It ensures easy control over ventilation and air conditioning systems and results in failure-free operation. Desired air parameters are achieved at minimal costs. The heart of control system is integrated with HMI OPTIMA user interface. 

HMI Optima
VENTUS N-type controls ensures unprecedented convenience and simplicity of air parameters adjustment.
Selection software
ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) is the authorial VTS selection software.
VENTUS N-TYPE - VENTUS N-TYPE, Duct-mounted air handling units, Selection software

The software uses the latest technologies and programming platforms. The biggest advantage of this system is the fact that the it is available from anywhere in the world, all you need is a device with a web browser and access to the Internet.

The software includes modules for the optimal selection of units in terms of parametric and cost as well as innovative generators of Revit objects or 2D and 3D dwg files. Generators provide properly immediate availability of .rfa and .dwg files for any units configuration. The system also offers the ability to automatically generate a submittal file of selected units. Full parameters are available in .pdf, .html and .rfa files.

Customized configuration
User friendly interface
Fast&Easy selection
Integrated with CRM, ERP, WMA system
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Selection software
ClimaCAD Online 4 (CCOL4)
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