VTS BIM objects perfectly tailored to the needs of the designer.
VTS BIM objects perfectly tailored to the needs of the designer.

VTS provides a system for generating BIM objects for VENTUS air handling units. The system generates a parametric, three-dimensional unit model based on input data entered by the customer into the ClimaCAD OnLine selection software.

VTS also provides static libraries for the families of WING air curtains and VOLCANO air heaters.

Real-time object generation Parameterised connectors: air, hydraulic, sanitary, electric as standard Repair & maintenance service zones as standard Model level of detail (LOD) 400 as standard

Additional features
  • Parameterised electrical and hydraulic connectors.
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options.
  • Air stream range presentations.
  • Parameter of the angle of heater tilt in relation to the horizontal.

Check how the process looks like

Log in
Go to www.ccol4.com and register. Out of care for our customers, VTS verifies every request, therefore, the authorisation process may take up to 48 hours.
Create a project
Create a project to which the sets of devices that you will prepare will be assigned.
Select a device
The intuitive configuration of the device allows for an easy selection of units tailored to the project requirements.
Download data
In order to generate a model in a .rfa file, it is sufficient to provide the first name, surname and e-mail address of the person dedicated for receiving the file. The system will automatically send a link to download the model. The whole process takes about 15 minutes.