Air handling units selection software certified by Eurovent
Air handling units selection software certified by Eurovent

    ClimaCAD OnLine 4 (CCOL4) is a proprietary VTS units selection software. The software uses the latest technologies and programming platforms. The solution is available in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. The main advantage of this solution is the fact that the system is available from anywhere in the world, and any device with a web browser and access to the Internet is sufficient.
    Unlimited number of configurations User-friendly interface Easy and simple selection Integration with CRP, ERP, WMA systems

    Certified by

    Full optimisation

    Any browser
    Any operating system
    Any device

    Data export

    Design versatility
    • Unlimited device configuration options.
    • Detection of configuration errors.

    Dynamic determination of device length
    • CCOL4 performs dynamic optimisation of the unit length consisting in automatic placement of components ensuring minimum distances between them that guarantee proper operation.
    Managing your database
    • Creation by the designer and development of your own database with projects and equipment selection.
    • Sending your own unit sets to VTS engineers to generate an offer.

    Check how the process looks like

    Create an account
    go to and register. Out of care for our customers, VTS verifies every request, therefore, the authorisation process may take up to 48 hours.
    Create a project
    create a project to which the sets of units that you will prepare will be assigned.
    Select units
    configure the units according to your needs.
    Download data
    CCOL enables data export in the form of .pdf, .rfa., .dwg files.