Air handling units dedicated to ventilation and air-conditioning technological processes, as well as to ventilation of pools.

VENTUS PRO AHUs are dedicated to ventilation and air conditioning of technological processes and swimming pools ventilation. Three product lines are available with the following extensions: PVS, PVS PO, PVS HY. Technical details of each device are available below.

Units size
The casing of the VENTUS PRO - PVS AHUs is made of a steel or aluminum frame, to which "sandwich" panels made of rock wool, covered with a metal sheet on both sides, are attached. Air Handling Units are available in 71 sizes covering a flow range from 1 000 – 125 000 m³/h. A wide range of options and accessories are available. Units are manufactured in modular sections, which are easy to handling and installation.

PVS PO pool dehumidifiaction units are designed for indoor swimming pools and places where dehumidification is necessary. According to VDI 2089 standards the relative humidity inside the indoor pool spaces should be between 40% and 64%. If relative humidity is out of this range the formation and proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and fungi in the environment is increased.

In additon to this, the condensated chlorinated water leads to corrosion on metal and wood surfaces. This unfavourable conditions are only overcomed by dehumidification and keeping relative humidity between healthy climate conditions.


VENTUS PRO - PVS HY package hygienic air handling units are special devices designed to be used in hospital and clean room applications that require sensitive and sterile conditions. It can be used in operating theaters, clean rooms, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food industry and special industrial applications where hygiene conditions are required. VENTUS PRO - PVS HY package hygienic air handling units are used in the health and food sector to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the sterile environment, to create clean air that the environment needs, and to provide a positive and negative pressure balance in accordance with the purpose of the sterile environment. Packaged hygienic air handling units designed as modular compact are produced in 2 different types as standard, in the range of 2400 - 10.000 m³/h.


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