New VOLCANO heater models – Engineered for heat pump operation.


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Nowadays, new low-temperature heat sources, in particular heat pumps, are gaining great popularity. Responding to these needs, VTS Group is expanding its VOLCANO heater portfolio with the VR4 and VR Mini 3 models. Their design allows them to work with low-temperature sources, so they can be used in modern heating systems. 


When selecting heaters to work with a heat pump, it is important to remember that it is a source with a much lower temperature of the heating medium in relation to conventional boilers. Here the air capacity and the number of rows of the water exchanger play a big role. VOLCANO VR4 fan heater is equipped with a highly efficient 4-row water heat exchanger, adapted for use with heat pumps. The design of the exchanger allows reversible operation with the function of heating rooms in winter and cooling them in summer. 

Several solutions for heating systems using the operation of different types of heat pumps are currently available on the market. The most popular are air-to-water heat pumps, which are mainly used in sites with a small volume. With this in mind, VTS Group has supplemented its range of high-efficiency low-temperature heat exchangers also in MINI units. Here, a 3-row water exchanger is used, which can effectively work with the heat pump while guaranteeing the compact size of the unit itself. 


The increased number of rows of the exchanger makes the VR4 a device that is also well suited for reversible operation, i.e. as a chilled water-fed air cooling device.


In order to increase the comfort of users using VOLCANO units for cooling purposes, drip trays are introduced for draining condensate produced during the condensation process on the water exchanger.

Like the existing heaters, the VR4 and VR Mini 3 will also be available in two motor versions. With three-speed AC motors and brushless energy-efficient EC motors:

  • VOLCANO VR Mini 3 AC | index: 1-4-0101-0625 | motor power: 115 W
  • VOLCANO VR Mini 3 EC | index: 1-4-0101-0624 | motor power: 95 W
  • VOLCANO VR4 AC | index: 1-4-0101-0627 | motor power: 450 W
  • VOLCANO VR4 EC | index: 1-4-0101-0626 | motor power: 375 W

The motors used in the new units are units that have already been used in the VOLCANO VR3 and VOLCANO VR Mini models. As a result, the implementation of new devices does not involve new automation components, and the principle of connecting heaters is the same as for other devices. 

In summary, many investors of large-volume sites use so-called hybrid systems to maximize the protection of their sites from external conditions. They use both ground source heat pumps and gas boilers. Such an arrangement allows you to reap the benefits and reduce heating costs when outdoor conditions allow you to use the full potential of heat pumps. During the periods of greatest frost, the heating system protects the site from cooling thanks to a gas boiler, which can effectively support or replace the work of the heat pump when the need arises. Since the boiler is used only temporarily, it does not expose the user to a significant increase in heating costs. 

It should be noted that the universal nature of the VOLCANO heater makes it possible to cooperate with such a hybrid heat source, adjusting the operating parameters to the temperature of the heating medium and the current needs of the site. 


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