Established 1989


VTS group – esame techniškai pažangios įrangos gamintojas ŠVOK srityje. Naudojame inovatyvias technologijas projektavimo tyrimų, gamybos ir logistikos srityse.

Siūlome itin standartizuotus oro kondicionavimo, vėdinimo ir šildymo įrenginius. Lietuvoje tiekiame:

  • vėdinimo ir oro kondicionavimo įrenginius – VENTUS VVS ir VENTUS Compact
  • oro užuolaidas - WING
  • orinius šildytuvus – VOLCANO

Produktų kokybė, kaina ir pristatymo terminas yra pagrindiniai įmonės plėtros strateginiai elementai, dėl kurių VTS Group yra vertinamas verslo partneris pasaulinėje ŠVOK rinkoje.

Įmonė buvo įkurta 1989 m. ir gyvuoja būdama šeimos verslu.


Būti vėdinimo ir oro kondicionavimo įrenginių gamintoju NUMERIS 1 pasaulyje

VTS GRUPĖ skaičiuose

VTS Group buvo įkurta 1989 m., Dabar turi padalinius 20 šalių visame pasaulyje ir daugiau nei 350 pardavimo inžinierių.

1 500 000+ parduotų įrenginių
500+ komandos narių visame pasaulyje
65+ šalių į kurias VTS parduoda įrenginius


Hanna Siek
Chief Executive Officer, President of the Board

The position of Chief Executive Officer is held by Mrs. Hanna Siek.

Mrs. Siek has many years of experience in the management and development of the Group companies. Experience and business knowledge of the Group as well as the HVAC sector have been accumulated by Mrs. Siek since the 1990s.

Mrs. Siek's responsibilities include defining a long-term marketing and sales strategy, overseeing marketing plans and budgets or implementing the Company's established intellectual property policy.

Mrs. Siek also supervises business development processes mainly through the establishment of new entities as well as mergers and acquisitions. 

Hubert Kowalski
Chief Financial Officer, Board Member

The Management Board of VTS Group S.A. includes Mr Hubert Kowalski, who holds the position of Financial Director. Mr Kowalski has been involved with the Group since the beginning of the 21st century, where he held positions in regional companies such as Logistics Director or Business Intelligence Director. Mr Kowalski has a comprehensive knowledge of the Group's entities and their operating model, which gives him the ability to efficiently manage the finances of related parties.

Fereshteh Pouchantchi
Chief Compliance Officer, Board Member

Mrs. Pouchantchi is a finance professional with extensive experience in financial processes, financial administration and compliance. She worked for more than 23 years at European banks in Luxembourg, where she was a senior member in charge of the compliance department. She was an Associate Professor in Finance at the University of Luxembourg for over 15 years. She is currently lawyer with large experience in corporate law and member of the Luxembourg Bar. 

Dominique Audia
Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Board Member

Mr Dominique Audia, as an individual with extensive experience in accounting, bookkeeping and finance, holds the role of Deputy Financial Director on the Board. Mr Audia developed his career at the audit firm PwC as a senior accountant, at the Société Européenne de Bank in Luxembourg where he was Head of Corporate Accounting, and in consulting companies where he provided auditing services. Mr Dominique Audia speaks 3 languages: French (mother tongue), Italian (bilingual ), English (fluent).

Edoardo Picco
Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Board Member

Edoardo Carlo Picco, as the Chief Strategy and Development Officer at VTS Group S.A., brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning and corporate development. His background in managing and supervising operations in diverse European markets has equipped him with a deep understanding of global business dynamics. Edoardo's expertise in steering companies through growth phases is particularly pertinent to his role at VTS Group, a leader in HVAC technology. His involvement in strategic decision-making and growth initiatives at VTS Group will be instrumental in driving the company's expansion and consolidating its position as a global HVAC industry leader. His role is pivotal in aligning VTS Group's long-term strategies with market trends and opportunities, ensuring the continued success and innovation of the company.

Thomas Dewé
Chief Investment and Governance Officer, Board Member

Thomas Dewé, as the Chief Investment and Governance Officer at VTS Group S.A., brings his background in investment fund industry and corporate services. His expertise encompasses management and oversight of international investment structures, financial accounting, and regulatory compliance. Thomas's previous roles as an independent director and financial controllerallow him to manage complex financial operations and to ensure governance best practices. In his role at VTS Group, he is instrumental in overseeing investment strategies and ensuring corporate governance aligns with the group's global objectives, especially in the dynamic HVAC industry. His multilingual capabilities and international experience further enhance his contribution to VTS Group’s diverse and global operations.

Eugenia Rosas
Corporate Secretary

Eugenia Rosas joins VTS Group S.A. as the Corporate Secretary. With over a decade of experience in business administration, project management, and corporate governance, Eugenia brings a dynamic blend of skills to her role. Her expertise in managing corporate activities and ensuring compliance within the Luxembourg legal framework will be invaluable to VTS Group. Eugenia's proficiency in multiple languages and her deep understanding of the Luxembourg business environment make her a key asset in managing the Group's diverse international operations. Her role involves coordinating with directors, preparing meetings, and maintaining essential compliance and governance standards, pivotal for the company's success in the HVAC industry.

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