To fulfil the ever-growing, dynamic industrial requirements for the provision of indoor comfort starting from small to large application many air conditioning equipment in the HVAC system are available in the market and one such air conditioning unit is Fan Coil Units (FCUs) having its application for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Hospitals, Garage and many others.

Fan coil units is a device used to introduce outdoor air into space, circulate and filter the air to provide heating and/or cooling within one or more spaces as well as assisting the main air handling units for each space. A fan coil unit is often connected to ductwork and a thermostat to regulate the temperature The thermostat controls the fan speed and/or the throughput of water to the heat exchanger using a control valve.

According to the various global market research, the demand for the supply of fan coil units is booming in MEA countries due to rapid industrialization in electronics, manufacturing, food, real estate and various industries to fulfil the ever-growing population need.

Fan coil units are typically designed to heat and/or cool a small zone having a specific load. A zone may consist of a single undivided space or a partitioned room, or multiple rooms with similar smaller loads that together add up to the total load the fan coil unit is designed to handle.

These Fan Coil units fulfil the indoor comfort for a small to medium-sized place or any local spaces when compared to Air Handling Units which serves for a large application having high conditioning demand.

VTS delivers the economical ceiling-mounted Fan Coil Units with the capacity ranging from 0.5 TR to 7.5 TR holding Eurovent certification.

FCU supplied by VTS have distinguished technical specification with various advantages like;

  • Significant energy saving with EC motor option.
  • Having Tri-Voltage feature which is one model for multiple application.
  • Copper Cooling Coil of 3/8 ”(9.52 mm) dimension pipe.
  • Multiple input options compatible with a wide variety of control systems.
  • Available in single and dual shaft configurations.
  • Fully programmable to the specific application.
  • High cooling capacity.
  • Filter of thickness 25 mm with EU-2 filter grade as per EN779.

  • With single-phase motors 3 speed, 220-240V / 1 Phase / 50 Hz with internal thermal protection.

The reliable and efficient FCUs are super quiet as the fan is the only moving part and can also be installed where there is not must necessity for humidity control. Having less capital investment and saves up the floor space is an add up advantage when we opt for FCUs.

Download VTSFan Coil Units catalogue to understand technical details.

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