e-Fulfilment Center - EZDubai e-Commerce Zone (Dubai) is equipped with VTS Units


With this Dubai South have commenced a development project – E-Fulfillment center which is equipped with VTS Air Conditioning Units located in the heart of Dubai South’s Logistics District.

This e-fulfilment center operates as a regular free zone warehouse holding inventory in bulk aimed in improving the ease and efficiency of last-mile delivery from the free zone to the end-customer.

EZDubai's hybrid-bonded warehouse concept is designed to enable customers to consolidate their onshore and offshore activities into one facility, which will be rolled out to all operations of Dubai South's Logistics District and also seeking to offer an array of convenient services to clientele, ranging from multinational companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, so they could benefit from the sophisticated logistics facilities and customized business solutions.

VTS energy efficient AHU, Fresh Air handling units and Fan Coil Units are installed in this facility which is designed to an international grade A standard compliant with Dubai Green Code Sustainability rating and Al'Safat (equivalent to LEED) proving at most indoor comfort with a proper supply of fresh air, maintaining relative humidity, temperate to the required level and with FCUs installed with suitable zoning throughout the facility. VTS always stood ahead with its supply of commercial air handling units in all application having a sustainable future vision in the HVAC industry.

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