Peek'n Peak Resort equipped with Wing air curtains

With the features of our HMI / Controller we are capable to define stages of heat plus airflow, thus keeping the air curtain acting as a space heater while running the Electric heater function combined with a low-speed setting, both options, how much heat and how much air can be set on the controller features. The kick comes when the doors are open and our unit will go to its full potential at maximum airflow keeping the cold air out.

This function is a great feature for high-traffic entrance maintaining a warm barrier that will prevent cold air to disturb customers and helping your main HVAC equipment to keep the room at the desired set points thought the day.    Our customers at Peek'n Peak Resort in Clymer NY have our Wing air curtains ready to receive customers going in and out of their rental location within the ski resort. and are ready for the thousands of customers


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