VENTUS Compact TOP – new unit in VTS Group product range


VTS Group company has introduced a new type of compact air handling units in its offer called VENTUS Compact TOP. These units feature vertical duct connection.

VENTUS Compact TOP AHUs complete the family of VTS Group compact AHUs in Plug & Play standard.


VENTUS Compact TOP AHUs are available in 3 sizes with capacity from 1 250 m3/h to 4 000 m3/h. The units perform ventilation functions with heat recovery and air filtration as well as heating, cooling and dehumidification functions.


The unit consists of a counter-flow heat exchanger (hex), fans with EC motors, integrated controls, filter section (Mini-Pleat or bag) and an optional water heater.

For convenient operation, fan and filter section panels are equipped with hinges.

VVS023c unit – supplied in two sections

VVS033c and VVS043c units – supplied in four sections



VENTUS Compact TOP unit is designed as a compact air handling unit with vertical duct connection. This solution is indispensable when:

  • we have limited space in the machinery room
  • there is no space for installing ventilation ducts
  • there is no access from the side or rear of the AHUs

The small width of 88 cm allows them to be transported through a doorway of width 90 cm.

The figure below shows the space saving needed for installation in a room - TOP air handling unit (A) in relation to the air handling unit with horizontal duct connection (B).


In the prepared solution there is a choice of right-hand and left-hand execution. The differences in connection for both executions are illustrated in the figure below:

FA - fresh air intake

SA - fresh air supply to the room

RA - return air intake from the room

EA - exhaust air ejection from the room



  • Casing of VENTUS Compact TOP AHUs is made of 40 mm panels filled with mineral wool, which are covered on both sides with ALZN/ZN sheet metal providing excellent acoustic properties and corrosion resistance.
  • The solutions applied in the construction of the device resulted in high parameters of the casing which, according to the EN 1886 classification, look as follows: T2, TB3, L1, D1, F9.

  • The width of the casing is only 88 cm!



  • The electrical and pneumatic connections between the fan sections and the base section are carried out by connection of automation wires via electrical connectors. This reduces the risk of misconnection and shortens the installation time to a minimum.

  • Wiring of actuators (dampers actuators, sensors) terminated with plugs.

  • Easy access to the unit and its components. Switchgear located in the fan section.


  • The fan sections and the filtration section are equipped with individual inspection panels mounted on hinges.

  • The devices are delivered as Plug&Play fully wired, configured and ready to use – easy to start by the user without service assistance.

  • Convenient operation via a simple HMI tablet, HMI Advanced panel or via the Internet.


  • High efficiency counterflow heat exchanger achieving 90% recovery efficiency.

  • Quiet and efficient plug fans compatible with IE4 class EC motor

  • Smoothly controlled bypass of the heat exchanger for heat recovery in winter, protecting the exchanger against frost, and in the remaining period enabling smooth regulation of heat recovery power


  • Design of the air handling unit with or without a water heater

  • Available accessories and options: air damper, flexible connections, duct electric heater and cooler.

If you are interested in VENTUS Compact TOP AHUs, please contact us: or send an email:

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