WING PRO industrial air curtain


WING PRO - the most powerful air curtain in VTS Group offer – units dedicated to gates up to 8m high with capacity up to 88 kW.

WING PRO play a significant role in maintaining optimal conditions within a warehouse and logistic centers or factories environment. It’s offer several benefits that enhance operational efficiency, comfort, and energy savings:

  • Climate Control - maintaining a consistent indoor temperature is crucial for buildings operations. WING PRO act as a barrier, preventing the intrusion of outside air, thus minimizing temperature differentials. This helps to stabilize the internal climate, ensuring that stored goods, equipment, and personnel are protected from extreme temperatures.
  • Energy Savings -  VTS Group air curtain aid in energy conservation by minimizing thermal losses through open loading dock doors and entrances. By creating an air barrier, they prevent the exchange of conditioned air with the outside environment, reducing the workload on heating and cooling systems. This leads to substantial energy savings and lower utility costs.

  • Insect and Contaminant Control:  WING PRO act as a  invisible barrier against flying insects, effectively repelling them and preventing their entry into the facility. They also help to reduce the ingress of dust, airborne particles, and pollutants, improving air quality and maintaining a cleaner environment.

WING PRO air curtains offer numerous advantages that make them an invaluable asset in warehouse, logistic centers and factories environment. From climate control and energy savings to insect and contaminant control, they enhance overall efficiency, employee comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

By investing in high-quality WING PRO air curtains specifically designed for industrial applications, businesses can optimize their operations, create a better working environment, and achieve long-term savings.

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