VTS FAHUs, SVS, FCUs serving a prestigious healthcare Group.


The installed Fresh Air Handling Units, ceiling suspended units & Fan coil units not only provide comfortable temperature, humidity control, but also maintain hygiene environment protecting patients, visitors, and staff.

Emirates Hospital is one of the most modern hospitals in the Emirate of Dubai, with highly qualified doctors and nurses having the most advanced and innovative healthcare technology, and cutting edge medical equipment.

The hospital's continuum of healthcare services and its affiliation to Emirates Healthcare Group have access to high-quality, patient-centred care that is coordinated and conveniently located close to residential areas.

For the complexity of the hospital structure, medical equipment installed to serve the respective purpose having various kinds of usages, VTS units serve the purpose to fulfil the indoor comfort with perfect temperate, humidity control for accurate functioning.

Fresh Air Handling units provide regulated and deliver a constant volume of fresh & cleaned air with maximum efficiency saving the energy cost for maximum cooling capacity.

The VENTUS S-type ceiling suspended AHUs and Fan Coil Units are installed at Emirates hospital at respective small to medium places based on its need and functionality with proper zoning to fulfil the air conditioning demand and all the units having relevant filtration system to maximizing the retention of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms to facilitate hygiene and cleanliness.

For any such health care sector air conditioning set up in the Middle East region, connect to our representative to get your offer.

Download the AHU catalogue for more technical data and understanding. 

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