Daniel Fuentes promoted to CEO at VTS America


We would like to inform you, that there has been a change in the position of CEO of VTS America. Mr. Daniel Fuentes, currently working as Technical Director, has been promoted to this position.

Daniel has been with the company practically since its inception. He started working for the company when it was still in its start-up phase, and with his loyal, responsible and wise work, he helped transform it into the company it is today. Without a doubt, we can say that his work has contributed enormously to where our American company is today and to the successes we enjoy.

 We are confident that Daniel's knowledge, experience and personality will ensure the continued development of VTS America and take it to the next level.

We would also like to sincerely thank the previous CEO, Maciej Grzegowski, for his tremendous efforts in building the company in the U.S. He has done a great job and achieved a spectacular success, and as its author he will always remain in our memories and hearts. Maciej's decision to step down as CEO came as a surprise, but we understand and respect it.


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