VENTUS PRO AHUs – food factory reference projects.

VTS Group delivered VENTUS PRO PVS air handling units to fries factory in Poland. Total are volume of delivered units is above 400 000m3/h.

VENTUS PRO PVS AHUs joined to VTS Group offer last year. Units are mainly dedicated to industrial applications and swimming pools. VENTUS PRO PVS are available in 71 sizes covering a flow range from 1 000 – 125 000 m³/h.

The devices are characterized:

  • EN 1886 Casing Classes: T2, TB2, F9, L1, D1
  • Panel: 60mm high density rock wool
  • Galvanized, Stainless, Epoxy Inner & Outside sheet
  • EPA, HEPA, ULPA and electrostatic high efficiency filters
  • Plug&Play controls

Units are manufactured in modular sections, which are easy to handling and installation. For more information please click here: or contact us:


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