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VOLCANO - Heating Units
VOLCANO - Heating Units

VOLCANO heating unit is a device used for heating small, medium and large spaces. VOLCANO are compact devices ready for commissioning and easy to assemble and use daily.

VOLCANO features:
  • high quality of workmanship
  • modern design
  • best value for money
  • high capacity
The VOLCANO heating units will provide heating for a shop, car workshop, greenhouse, production hall, arena or warehouse.
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Device types
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VOLCANO - Heating Units 8
VR Mini
VR-D Mini
Heating power range 3-20 kW - 5-30 kW 8-50 kW 13-75 kW 10-90 kW
Nominal cooling power3,5 kW5 kW4 kW8 kW12 kW16 kW-
Maximum air efficiency 2100 m3/h 2330 m3/h 5300 m3/h 4850 m3/h 5700 m3/h 5300 m3/h
6500 m3/h
Horizontal range (max) 14 m 16 m 23 m 22 m 25 m 23 m
28 m
Vertical range (max) 8 m 10m 12 m 11 m 12 m 11 m
15 m
* Power for chilled water 7/12 °C and ambient temperature 25 °C.

Quality and design

The device made with attention to detail, from high quality materials, guarantees user satisfaction for many years.

The well-designed structure of the housing allows for optimal exposure of the exchanger surface while concealing the structural elements.

Energy efficiency

The optimal shape of the fan and the use of an efficient EC motor provide up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional solutions.

The difference in the cost of purchase of the device pays for itself after one year of use.


VOLCANO units have been refined in every detail using well-thought-out solutions.

The casing has been precisely fitted using the patented SMART LOCK system. The diffuser directs the air to the entire surface of the heat exchanger, maximizing its potential. The option of individual positioning of blades allows you to direct the movement of heated air.

There is an option to connect VOLCANO driven by an electronically commutated motor directly to the BMS system. The microprocessor control panel allows for smooth adjustment of the rotational speed and programming of the device's operation schedule.

Classics vs Modernity

All VOLCANO devices are available with a three-speed AC motor and electronically commutated drive.
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High quality and low price
  • high capacity of the device
  • reliable three-speed motor
  • three-stage fan speed control
  • quick assembly and intuitive connection
  • competitive price
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Convenience and energy savings
  • high capacity of the device
  • highly efficient EC motor
  • smooth fan speed control
  • up to 40% lower operating costs
  • possibility of direct connection to the BMS system
  • quiet running at high speeds


VOLCANO - Assembly  11

The VOLCANO heater comes with a mounting console, thanks to which the device can be mounted both vertically and under the ceiling.
The maximum vertical range of the devices ranges from 8-15 m depending on the type of heater. The maximum horizontal range is from 14-28 m.

Failure to observe a minimum distance of 25 cm (VR MINI EC, VR-D MINI EC) and 35 cm

(VR1 / VR2 / VR3 / VR-D) from a wall or ceiling when installing the device may cause incorrect operation of the device, the possibility of damage to the fan or an increased noise level during its operation.

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