VTS India joined hands to fight the COVID19 - Pandemic


VTS Indian team is consistent and responsible for the preventive measures with having extended support by fastest delivery, especially for COVID related projects.

VTS recently delivered its  Air Handling units to COVID hospitals at Mumbai Central, Maharashtra - Jagjivanram Ram Hospital and Tata COVID Hospital, Kasaragod district of Kerala Tata COVID Hospital, Kasaragod district of Kerala.

The Jagjivanram Hospital (JRH) is Zonal Hospital of Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways under Ministry of Railways of Central Government of India converted into COVID hospital with 172 beds for isolation ward.

Jagjivanram Hospital has been playing an important role in the successful and effective medical management of Coronavirus pandemic & affected patients, in Mumbai Central regions. 

Kasaragod, the northernmost tip of Kerala, is largely dependent on Mangalore in Karnataka for most of its medical needs and Tata Group is constructing this specialty hospital in the district, which will be self-reliant in the healthcare facility.

The complex is built using pre-fabrication techniques, which is a fast pace of construction which would be functioning as a permanent facility with isolations wards, ICU and other facilities too.

This hospital is providing better treatment facilities to the coronavirus patients with 560 beds and having a set-up of dialysis block wherein the completion is expected within 2 weeks. 

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