One-stop air conditioning solution for this Food & Beverages brand!


AB Mauri is one of the world-class processor and exporter of a variety of customized spices, spice blends and Seasonings solutions. AB Mauri India is a key player in the Indian market with a strong presence in three segments - namely bakery ingredients; yeast (bakery, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutrition) and spices and seasoning.

A B Mauri Cochin spices located inside the Special Economic Zone has the quality function as an integrated part of their production process having the laboratory facilities including instrumentation section consisting of an HPLC, Gas Chromatograph and a UV viz Spectrophotometer with well-set modern microbiology lab.

For such a well-established and sophisticated setup VTS Air handling units play a crucial role in maintaining the air quality and ventilation across the facility to maintain the product quality and safety.

The installed Air Handling units controls airborne particulates and odour minimizing the risk to the products and workers from airborne contamination by infectious & toxic pathogens and spoilage microorganisms. In addition, temperature, humidity and air distribution is well maintained throughout the facility.

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