New HMI controler for WING air curtains with EC motors

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Intuitive and good looking

The brand new controller IS dedicated to all types of WING EC air curtains. Device is smaller and better looking. It is characterized by a very easy and intuitive operation due to the comfortable, practical keypad and a high-quality screen.

The controller is a part of the whole philosophy of creating things simple and elegant. The whole set of our units and controller is a perfect match for the most representative buildings.  And our goal is to be there with our products. 

New HMI controller key features:

  • modern and compact design
  • high contrast and clear screen
  • advanced calendar for each day in the week
  • BMS systems compatibility
  • preset 3-levels speed control (WING)
  • build-in thermostat
  • 3-levels of heating power (WING E)
  • door sensor cooperation (WING)
  • up to 8 units connected with the one controller

How to set up new HMI controller?

Watch the following movie to learn how to control all basic and advanced functions of WING air curtain.

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