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VTS nominated in the “Business Gazelles” ranking.

VTS Company (Plant Gdańsk and HQ Gdynia) has been invited to participate in the prestigious Business Gazelles ranking – the ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises in Poland. Since 2000, the Gazelle title is awarded to the company, which due to its extremely dynamic development, manages very well among even much bigger competitors.

The credit information agency Coface Poland is responsible for the verification of the financial data of the companies entered in the ranking. Further, it is also the author of the ranking. In the individual countries, the criteria for selection of the Gazelle are adjusted to the local economic conditions but the aim is the same everywhere - to promote small and medium-sized enterprises. Every year, the Business Gazelle rankings are prepared by the economic dailies belonging to the Swedish Bonnier Press Group based on the data from the last 3 years of the business operations.

According to the ranking organizer, Business Gazelle 2013 title may be awarded to the company that meets the following conditions:

  • started its operations before 2010 and runs business continuously until today
  • in the base year 2010, its revenue on sales was between PLN 3 and 200 million
  • in 2010-2012, the increase of its revenue on sales year to year was noted
  • in 2010-2012, the company did not note any loss even once
  • the company enabled analysis of its financial performance at least since 2010 (by publishing it in Monitor Polski B or providing data to Coface Poland or disclosing the data by means of filling in the entry form).

The position taken by the company in the ranking list depends on the increase of its turnover expressed in percentages generated in the last three years (2012 vs. 2010) investigated without considering the capital groups.

Even the fact of qualifying us to the honourable group of contenders to the title is a distinction to us and recognition of our hard work done in order to obtain such good results throughout the years.
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