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VTS Euroheat products – we cut prices for good!

Both the prices of VOLCANO heater cores and DEFENDER air curtains have been reduced. 

  1. The price of VOLCANO VR1 and VR2 heater cores has been reduced by 20% on average in all countries offering VTS Euroheat
  2. The price of DEFENDER air curtains has been reduced up to 20%.

Reduced prices, even greater emphasis on quality improvement  

Under our new strategy we focus primarily on improving quality and adjusting our product offer to market requirements.

  • We are the first on the market to introduce the LIFETIME WARRANTY for the casing of VTS Euroheat products! Details in Warranty Conditions in Technical Documentation available on www.vtsgroup.com  
  • We raise the warranty period from 2 years, up to 5 years! Morover - a new unit is offered within the warranty period!
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