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Internationally appreciated quality – VTS nominated for the QUALITY INTERNATIONAL 2014 AWARD!

VTS Plant, a company that is a part of the VTS Group, has been appointed a nominee for the Quality International 2014 award, which confirms high quality of products, services and business processes.

In accordance with the “Quality and Innovative” strategy, VTS Group attaches great significance to supervision over quality in all processes conducted by the company. Appointing VTS Plant (the manufacturer of Volcano and Defender untis) a nominee for the Quality International 2014 award, which is synonymous to effective management of the company, in particular the Quality Management-related processes, confirms that its activities focused on quality management have won international recognition.

At present, Quality International 2014 is the largest quality-dedicated contest in Poland, which gathers representatives of the companies and institutions operating on the territory of Poland around the idea of QM. VTS Plant that is the guarantor of the top-quality manufacture and reliable operation of the VTS Euroheat devices: VOLCANO and DEFENDER, has the chance to win the title in the following categories: QI product, QI services and QI order.

We do hope that the decision of the award committee, which is expected in September 2014, will allow VTS Plant to join the elite group of companies, for which the transparent quality policy is one of the everyday good business practices, noticeable on each stage of the production and logistic process.

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